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Discover the Magic of Glass:

A Celebration of Color, Texture, and Shape


Glass is an everyday material that often goes unnoticed. We peer through windows, gaze at our television screens, and drink from glasses without giving it a second thought. But glass has the power to transform into something truly remarkable. It becomes a canvas for color, texture, and shape, a medium that dances with light, creating mesmerizing art that evolves with the passing of the day and the changing of the seasons.

For over three decades, we have been on an incredible journey with glass, and we are still captivated by its endless possibilities. Our sources of inspiration are as diverse as the world around us – the graceful curves of nature, the rigid precision of geometry, and the abstract symphony of colors that surround us all.

At the heart of our creative process is teamwork. We often joke that it takes both of us to make one artist. Each of us brings a unique perspective, melding together the teacher’s and the engineer’s technical and creative influences to produce finished pieces that are greater than the sum of their parts. Also seen in our work are the influences of established artists whose classes we have taken. To enhance and elevate our glass work, we have also expanded our skill set to incorporate metalworking, weaving, and woodburning.

We invite you to explore our world and encourage you to look beyond the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary. Art is not just objects, they are gateways to a world where color dances, texture beckons, and shape tells a story.

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