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Glass is an everyday material. You look through the windshield of your car, out a window, at the screen of your television, or at a glass of water and take it for granted. But add color, texture and shape and it transforms into something beautiful. It changes by transmitting, scattering and reflecting light. Some objects are useful; others are simply mesmerizing to look at as the light changes them throughout the day and the seasons.

We have been working with glass for over 30 years and still notice and learn new things about it. Inspiration for our pieces come from everywhere - nature, the hard straight lines of geometry and the abstract flow of colors.

We work as a team and joke that it takes the two of us to make an artist. Each of us adds a different aspect to the finished piece. Both the teacher’s and the engineer’s technical and creative influences are seen in our work. Also seen are the techniques and insights of established artists from whom we have taken classes.

Additional skills of metal working, weaving, and woodburning have been added to enhance and elevate our artwork.

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